Laster Set menu...

Set menu

We look forward to serving you our fantastic set menu. Our dinner menu consists of diverse seasonal ingredients and may change slightly at short notice. We also adjust the menu according to the season, and we update the menu here on our website accordingly.

** Snacks: Flatbread, rootabaga, cured lamb / Langustine claw, lardo

** Potato waffle, «Jenteost», herring roe

** Coalfish, onion, apple

** Heart of lettuce, wild garlic, rye

** Langustine, roots, sea buckthorn

** Sourdough bread, jersey butter

** Monkfish, celeriac, barley

** Lamb, beets, black currant

** Sunchoke, blackberries

** Blueberry, sour cream, dulse

** Petit fours: Oats, cream cheese / Aged pear / Goat cheese, chocolate